Mystery Classes and More!

Lots of activity going on at Duo Designs, Inc.

Our Online Mystery Classes are being well received and a lot of fun to do.  These classes are broken down into 6 lessons that are released monthly.  The current classes have a teaching fee of $150.  Students purchase their canvas and threads through their local needlepoint shop. Information is provided for shops that have agreed to make thread kits for those interested in obtaining all their materials at one time in one place. The previous class Mod Ornaments was finished on schedule and students are still working on their lessons and sharing with other students on the secret Facebook Page.

The current Online Mystery Class HARVEST has just recently had its second lesson posted.  Some students are still awaiting threads but I understand they are on their way so all should be well!



There are many more exciting classes in the future.  Now open for registration is a bonus Online Mystery Class.  I had not planned to add this one but it was so cute I could not resist squeezing it in between scheduled classes.  Easter Wreath is an A.Bradley canvas that is very manageable in size.  It is on 18ct canvas cut to approximately 13” x 13” .  The design area is approximately 8” x 8”.

Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath

This cuteness materializes as we add stitches and threads to the 17 eggs, bow, bunny and background.  The bunny will be needle felted.  There will be lots of bling through beads, crystals and metallic.   More details will be provided on our blog from time to time – www.sandyarthur.blogspot.com.  This class is also 6 lessons for $150.  The first lesson is scheduled to be posted mid-July.  A materials list will be provided to students as their invoices are processed. This should allow ample time to gather supplies before class begins – great stash buster!
            TO REGISTER:  EMAIL —  Duodesignsinc      @     yahoo.com  — (Remove spaces) AND STATE THAT YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE!
The current  issue of Needlepoint Now magazine May/June issue has the announcement on page 36 for the next Online Mystery Class.  This exciting design is an exclusive done for Duo Designs, Inc.’s Online Mystery Classes by Leigh Designs.  Beijing Butterflies are colorful, elegant and beautiful.  While we have started accepting registration for this class, the first lesson will not be posted until mid-August
Be sure to follow our blog www.sandyarthur.blogspot.com  to keep current on information as it develops and is posted.
Beijing Butterflies

Beijing Butterflies

TO REGISTER:  EMAIL —  Duodesignsinc       @      yahoo.com —  (remove spaces) AND STATE THAT YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE!
Be sure to stay tuned as we add designs by such great designers as Melissa Shirley, Ewe and Eye, Annie, Rebecca Wood,  and many, many more.
Also, the webmaster has added several new Stitch Guides to our site under the Stitch Guides for Sale tab.  Check back often as more are added as they are developed.
And, the face-to-face class schedule has been updated so check it out and see if we are anywhere near year.  Would love to have you in class.
In the meanwhile, remember to stitch with a smile!



New Mystery Cyber Class

The Mod Ornaments Online Mystery Class is over half finished and it is time to start preparing for the next one.

Our next adventure is a beautiful seasonal canvas that will be at home anywhere because it is not holiday based. Harvest is a hand-painted canvas by Robbyn’s Nest Designs #R888 and it can be ordered on 18 ct or 13 ct canvas. The design area is 10” x 15” so it requires 14” x 19” stretcher bars.

This colorful design screams of subdued elegance. Look at all the fun possibilities! Where do we start? Stumpwork techniques?Padding? Embellishments out the wazoo! It excites me to think of what all we can do with this design. Wow! We will have a very soft touch of bling on this beautiful design. – nothing flashy.



Each colorful letter will be an exercise in stitches, techniques and thread use in its own right. And those pumpkins! The flowers! The berries! Grapes! Leaves! We are going to have a very busy 6 months on this fantastic tribute to a lovely season of rest, calm and new beginnings.

Your lessons will be much more detailed than the information contained in the commercial stitch guide that will follow, which, for economic reasons, must be more condensed. There will be numerous detailed stitch diagrams, photos of work in progress and more lengthy discussions. As we work through each lesson, questions from you trigger e-blasts which provide further clarification if needed, tips from other students, etc.

Registration is now open and will remain open until March 15, 2015. If you choose to participate registration is very easy – just send me an email forwarding your contact email address to duodesignsinc @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces, please! ). This address is needed in order to get you setup in the system to receive the lessons and e-blasts as they are distributed.

Get your canvas ordered as quickly as possible. Some shops state it takes 4-6 weeks to receive a painted canvas so don’t delay. Robbyn is painting feverously!

Invoices will be sent mid-month beginning April 2015 for 6 months. They will be sent via PayPal. They are $25 each for a total of $150.Some folks prefer to be invoiced in one lump sum of $150 through PayPal or send a check and either is perfectly acceptable.

Once PayPal notifies me that the invoice is paid I will be forwarding the lessons to you individually. It will be via email in a pdf format.

There are 6 lessons that will be distributed once a month beginning mid April  2015.In reality, you get an invoice, when it is processed, you will receive a pdf of the lesson.

Okay, so now you have some eye candy and enticement! Pass the word and get your friends on board. I love the way some of you are setting up little stitching groups to play with the lessons as they are distributed. Just remember copyright issues and that each of you must be registered and receive your own individual, legal copy of the lesson.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to have you all on board with us!

In the meanwhile, remember – stitch with a smile!



New Upcoming Mystery Cyber Class

I’m so excited to announce our new upcoming Mystery cyber class.

This fun and colorful project is sure to be a delight to stitch. As always, EyeCandy provides such festive colors that you can’t help but smile while completing each interesting section.

What fun threads and techniques will we be experiencing as the Mystery unfolds?

MOD ORNAMENTS MYSTERY is our next Mystery . Six months of enticing exposure to unusual techniques and great threads await those who join in.   When we are finished there will be much bling and sparkle to enliven your holiday decorations.

Stitch away in the comfort of your own ‘nest’ at your own pace and at your own schedule. Wear those comfy sweats, or those snuggly pjs, stitch at 1 am or 3 pm – you make your own rules. You just need to meet the deadline registration below, receive and pay your monthly PayPal invoice, and download your detailed lesson in pdf format.

Once the Mystery begins I will be available to answer questions via email.

Details are outlined  below. Be sure to note the registration deadline of September 15, 2014.


Designer: EyeCandy Design #8242

Available through Ruth Schmuff Designs

Join Sandy Arthur as she stitches through all the wonderful possibilities of this canvas. Who knows what’s in store? Or Nué? Woven Webs? Peyote Beading? Shisha Embroidery? Jessicas? Or none of the above?

Play with fantastic threads such as Kreinik Braids, Pepper Pot Silks, Rainbow Gallery Specialty Threads, and more!

See what fun embellishments come to mind with the beautiful beads, sequins and other goodies.

Mod Ornaments Mystery

Mod Ornaments Mystery

Mod Ornaments Mystery is covered in six (6) easily managed lessons. The lessons will be released monthly.

Students are encouraged to obtain their supplies from their Local Needlework Shop. We will be available, however, if assistance is requested.

Monthly lessons are distributed through the Internet in the pdf format. Clear, detailed instructions will walk you through each technique. Wonderful, fully illustrated diagrams of stitches accompany lessons for additional assistance. Photos of actual sessions will also be available on a limited basis.




FIRST LESSON:           NOVEMBER 10, 2014


LESSON COST:            $25 per each monthly lesson


CONTACT:                             SANDRA ARTHUR, DUO DESIGNS, INC.

e-mail:         duodesignsinc  at yahoo dot com

blog:           http://www.sandyarthur.blogspot.com/

website:      DuoDesignsInc.com



Well, my bags are all packed (almost), and I’m  ready to go (almost) as the song says.  I’m heading to wonderful Historic Geneva, IL to play for 4 full days.  Pat Delp at DESIGNERS DESK has warned everyone that I will be in town so I think they are ready.


Designers Desk

Designers Desk


I will be teaching 3 days  (on Friday, Sunday and Monday) of embellishment and seeing what we can get in to for bringing canvases to life.  The fourth day will be a little different kind of fun.  We are expanding on a workshop I had at TNNA Market entitled What To Do With Ribbons and Such!  In this class we will take ribbons, threads and other unique stitching goodies and  pull, poke, cut, twist, bend, iron, squeeze, and just about anything else I can think of to create a little different texture for your design.

What To Do With Ribbons

What To Do With Ribbons



Custom Stitch Guides by Sandy Arthur

Designers —  Have you had shop owners ask you if a stitch guide is available for that wonderful canvas design that you are marketing and have had to answer ‘no?’

Shop Owners — have you had customers come in and show interest in a purchase only to learn that they want a stitch guide to assist them in their journey of stitching the design and therefore they leave the shop without the purchase?

Stitchers — Ever have that canvas hanging on the shop wall speak to you and tell you that you just had to have it no matter what?  Ever get home with the canvas and then look at it and say ‘What in the world am I going to do with this?  Where do I begin?  What stitches am I to choose?  What threads will work best with the stitches I choose?’  Then, when faced with the reality of needing to do something to the beauty you purchased, do you want to cry:  ‘HELP!’

Custom Stitch Guides by Sandy — Well, just like that, help is on the way.  Let Sandy help you read you canvas and lead you to turning it into a piece of needlework that you will treasure.

She will prepare a stitch guide for you that contains clearly marked and diagrammed stitches.  There will even be occasional pictures of the actual stitch along the way.  There will also be a Materials list that provides the manufacturer, type of thread and color number for your ease in shopping.

So, pull out that beautiful canvas that once intimidated you and let Sandy help you get stitching and turn it into that masterpiece!

Contact:  duodesignsinc   @   yahoo.com   (Remove spaces 😉 )


Meanwhile, here is a link to the current Stitch Guides for sale




Sandy Arthur’s Newest Needlepoint Stitch Guide

We are venturing out on a different path with this stitch guide.

When playing with the idea of writing the stitch guide for Yolanda, a beautiful Tapestry Fair design, we decided to invite participants to come along and join us and treat it as a mystery.  After all, writing a stitch guide really is a mystery.

At least it is for me.


The Mystery of Yolanda

The Mystery of Yolanda

Join Us On This Stitching Adventure

Each new section is approached as a total unknown.  What in the world am I going to do here?  It is an exciting adventure!  I can’t wait to get started.  In fact, lots of times I must restrain myself and stay focused on the area in which I am working and stay away from a different area until I finish what I am doing.  For me, that is not an easy task!  My eyes tend to wander.

The Project Details

Yolanda is a 15” x 18” beautifully hand-painted, colorful canvas.  Look at her!  My photo does not do her justice I assure you.  We are going to jump in and break her down into 6 manageable months of stitching.

In February you will have the opportunity to order your canvas.  You must give your shop time to get these ordered as Tapestry Fair must have ample time to get them painted and delivered.
We will begin our first month’s lessons in March.  Check out our earlier posting showing the itinerary of how the classes will be distributed.

The class lessons will be $25 per month and will include a stitch guide, a listing of thread selections, embellishments (there will be no threads or embellishments included, just a listing of what is needed and resources for these supplies if needed), instructions of how to execute the stitches, and photographs of the various stitches or techniques.

This is a work-in-progress and is being tweaked as we progress along until the beginning of the first class in March, so stay tuned for updates as we post them.

What To Do

If you have interest in joining us, email me at duodesignsinc @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces) to be added to the list.  We will discuss individual details as they arise.  I have already been in contact with various international participants and we will be as flexible as we can.

I look forward to having you join in the fun!



Shapes of Needlepoint Series IV

Sandy’s Newest – Shapes of Needlepoint Series IV

Shapes of Needlepoint - Series IV by Sandy Arthur

Shapes of Needlepoint – Series IV by Sandy Arthur

Still maintaining the format of the previous three series, Series IV is a resource of diagonal, horizontal and vertical patterns.  Stitches are diagrammed clearly and with ample space to see the movement of the stitch.

The book is indexed by shapes that are in the diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines.

The stitches are some friendly familiar ones to a little less common ones.

Purchase Shapes of Needlepoint Series IV Here

Shapes of Needlepoint – Series 4 (PRINT Version)
Shapes of Needlepoint – Series 4 (PRINT Version)

This is the FOURTH volume in Sandy’s Shapes of Needlepoint Series

This is a spiral bound, printed book... and it is HEAVY!

NOTE:We can ONLY ship this within the US of A.

Shipping and Handling is $12.00. Price: $48.95

Save Money and get FREE Shipping – Purchase ALL FOUR

ALL FOUR - Series 1, Series 2 , Series 3, and Series 4 (PRINT Version) Shapes of Needlepoint

Get a GREAT Deal and purchase ALL FOUR - Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4 in Sandy's Shapes of Needlepoint – Series

These are all spiral bound, printed books... and they are HEAVY!

NOTE:We can ONLY ship them within the US of A.

This Special Deal INCLUDES Shipping and Handling, giving you a savings over what you would pay if you purchased these individuallyPrice: $185.80




What a Seminar!


This year’s Seminar was smaller in attendance than most, which you can understand if it is on the opposite coast from where many of us live. (Airplane change for me to get there), however, it was a great Seminar and Large in style, presentation and service.

The Hyatt Hotel had us very well taken care of. Our rooms were attended to timely and beautifully. In our instance, we only had to ask for extra face cloths on the first day we were there.

The food service was also good. Sometimes we had too much attention but that may have been due to the new servers wanting to make sure we did not need anything.
I think Anaheim is beautiful. I say think because I only left the hotel twice. Once to go to Target and get me some milk and us some soft drinks. Also had a lovely lunch at Red Robin
with my friend Donna who came from Hawaii to attend Seminar and as a bonus was in my class.

The second time was to go to dinner with some Teacher friends at Outback. Both were within walking distance of the hotel so that was the extent of my Anaheim outdoor adventure.
I took a class in polymer clay. My results were not anything I was proud of or wanted to share. Enough said.

I had another class so that I could meet my CEU requirements as a certified Senior Master Teacher. This one taught by Catherine Jordan on Designing with Golden Sections. We had to construct a Golden Ratio Rectangle; add Focal lines and Areas of Focus; Use the Rule of Thirds; created a Golden Section Spiral; ‘Learn (I’m not sure I have learned totally yet)’ the Root 2 Rectangles ; Root 2 Spirals; Root 2 Proportional Rectangles; and, Root 2 Thirds.

Now, I must say I was getting into it a bit when we did the Spirals and the Root 2 Thirds. That was really cool.

I, unfortunately, did not have time to ‘really’ visit the Exhibit. I rushed through and that was my loss for there were some great pieces exhibited. I only got to see them more closely at the Opening Banquet when they were presented. However, my CEU class teacher, Catherine Jordan won Best in Show with her beautiful piece ‘Healing’ which had a fantastic Spiral! You must  go see the pictures when they are posted.

Classes at ANG 2013

My work began on Monday when I began teaching my 4-day class Pinkletoes.


Pinkletoes by Sandy Arthur


I had so much fun teaching her. Our classroom was wonderful. We had plenty of space and great light. We had to close the door a couple of times as my students were rather rowdy. I can’t imagine why, but I had fun and think they did too. They even got some stitching done!

The Closing Banquet revealed a couple more ribbon winners – Delegate’s Choice (people attending Seminar) and People’s Choice (those not attending Seminar). But the best part for me was a tremendous surprise. I was awarded the coveted Literary Award by ANG in recognition of my Shapes of Needlepoint Series I-IV books. I was totally taken aback by this wonderful honor.

When I went to the podium to receive my award President Pat Rogers said to me ‘you didn’t see this one coming did ya?’ Indeed I did not. I really don’t remember too much but I was told that I also received a standing ovation – which is beyond description.

How do you thank so many generous people for this type of recognition. I just say that I was humbled by it all and thank you all for your continued support! I truly appreciate it.

Well, Closing Banquet meant the end of Seminar 2013.

Seminar 2014 in Chicago

So onward to Seminar 2014 in Chicago, IL, where I am fortunate enough to have had some classes selected.

Back to the Beach: The Girls Reunited will be there!

Back To The Beach - Girls Reunited by Sandy Arthur

Back To The Beach – Girls Reunited by Sandy Arthur

Oh my gosh! These girls are so much fun! They are reunited after a ‘few’ years have taken their toll. There are so many fun stitches and great threads in this piece. I would love for you to join me and ‘The Girls’ in Chicago.

Beading for Needlework Class

I am also teaching a half-day class on Beading for Needlework.

Beading for Needlework

Beading for Needlework

We will be exploring the different ways to attach beads and how to create some dimension with beads, as well as talking about finishing and how to add eaded edges and fringes. Look into it and join us there for this one.

Upcoming Class

In the meantime, I will be teaching at The Needle Works in Austin, TX.

Peacock Pride is scheduled for January 24-26, 2014.

Details are on Colleen’s website: www.TheNeedleworks.com

Check it out!


Stitch Sampler Notebook and More

Updates from Sandy Arthur and Duo Designs


Good Morning – and it is a perfectly beautiful morning here in Central Kentucky – a little cool for me but the sun is shining and it is a wonderful day.

Stitch Sample Notebook

There is lots and lots going on around here for Duo Designs. We just introduced our Stitch Sampler Notebook over on our blogspot


There is also a link to my Blog in the horizontal navigation bar across the top of this site. Go check it out to see if it is of interest to you.

Shapes of Needlepoint IV

We are putting the final touches on our fourth book in the series of Shapes of Needlepoint-Series IV. This is scheduled for release in mid-August 2013.
And we are getting ready for several classes that you might want to check into.


Upcoming F2F Needlepoint Classes

The Village Sampler

The Village Sampler in St. Albans, WV is hosting an embellishment class on May 4 and 5.

Contact Pat at (304) 722-0123 for details. We have several fun canvases that I am currently reviewing for our fun shopping of pulling threads and selecting stitches.


Sandy Arthur – Needlepoint Canvas Collage

The Needle Works

Next on the calendar is a great long weekend with Colleen at The Needle Works in Austin, TX.   We’ll be there teaching Desert Garden by Sundance and a crow series of Night Cap, Squashed and Fast Friends by Leigh Designs.  Contact Colleen at (512) 451-6931 for availability.

Desert Garden – Stitch Guide by Sandy Arthur

Squashed Canvas Stitch Guide by Sandy Arthur


Night Cap by Sandy Arthur


Fast Friends Stitch Guide by Sandy Arthur

San Bernardino, CA

Then we are off to San Bernadino  CA to teach Witch on The Town June 26 thru July 1.

Check with Pat Corez at egangcorre @ aol . com (remove spaces) for availability.

Witch on the Town by Duo Designs

Witch on the Town by Sandy Arthur

For more future workshops checkout the F2F Classes in the drop down menu above.




Sandy Arthur Teaching at ANG August 2013


It is almost that time of year again – SEMINAR!  Gosh, it doesn’t seem possible.  Weren’t we just in Philadelphia last month or so?
Most of you should have your Seminar Brochures by now.  A cup of coffee (or tea), a cozy chair to snuggle in and a little time is needed to sit back and really enjoy going through this fun vessel of class offerings.

Pinkletoes – Jointed Needlepoint Rabbit designed by Sandy Arthur

We are fortunate enough to be on the very first page of the four-day classes on page 11.  Pinkletoes!  She’s almost like a little baby that you want to reach over and pinch her cheeks.

Pinkletoes – Designed by Sandy Arthur

Pinkletoes is stitched on five pieces of line-drawn Congress cloth.  She has one piece of size 18 Aida cloth for her tail.  Students have a choice of selecting a kit that includes floss or a kit that includes Soie d’Alger.

Other luscious threads include Wisper, Petite Sparkle Rays, Kreinik, Sulky and Fuzzy Stuff.  Also included are some wonderful silk ribbons and beads.
We will be doing stitches  for Miss Pinkletoes  that include lots of combination stitches, triple feather, encroaching Gobelin, Milanese, cast on, woven, several hearts, Alicia’s lace, rapid stitch, and others.
Techniques will cover darning, ribbon embroidery, and Turkey work as well as other traditional methods.
When finished), Pinkletoes will have beautiful eyes and movable joints  (we will provide contact information for the finisher of our model).
Although tempting, Pinkletoes is not a toy for play but a wonderful way to display your beautiful stitching skills and provide pleasure for the eyes.


California Poppy Teacup Treasures – Three Dimensional Needlepoint Designed by Sandy Arthur

Further through the book on page 33 is shown our one-day class Teacup Treasures – California Poppy.

California Poppy – Teacup Treasures by Sandy Arthur


This piece is one of a series.  A beautiful dimensional poppy (stumpwork) representing one of a species of the California poppy is exhibited atop a field of green Lugana fabric.  It is accompanied by lovely beaded leaves.
Stitches that will be covered include leaf stitches, Gobelin variations and stem stitch.
Techniques covered include needlewoven leaves, couching wire, buttonhole edging and needle painting.  We will be stitching on one piece of fabric and applying the finished stitching to a second piece of fabric.
While the model is displayed on a ‘treasured’ family tea cup, the design is just as much at home on a lovely box top to hold those little treasures.
There is lots to enjoy at seminar so be sure to have a good look at all the classes as well as extra activities that are happening on-site as well as off.
Hope to see you there.
Stitch with a Smile!

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