Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 is an Apple APP!

Apple App – Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 Now AVAILABLE!

Shapes of Needlepoint – Series II has found its way to the Apple App store! (Check it out – there is a direct link on the right-hand side of our webpage.)

We are so excited to introduce the newest in the series of Shapes of Needlepoint as our second Apple App.

Like its predecessor (Series I), Series II is indexed by shape (diamonds, hearts, octagons and stars), thread count and stitch name.  The app follows the same setup as the hard copy of the book Shapes of Needlepoint – Series II.

There is an Apple App page for each printed page of the book.  Those pages that have multiple diagrams are broken down in the Apple App as individual pages, such as 2, 2a, 2b, etc.

To purchase Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 App, please click here!

The Shapes II Apple App is a fantastic mobile method of carrying around your reference books for those out-of-town trips. While nothing can replace the delight of sitting home thumbing through a hard copy of your favorite book, the app allows you to take the knowledge with you without the added expense of weight to your luggage.

Shapes of Needlepoint – Series 2

Apple App Series II, like the book, follows Shapes of Needlepoint – Series II, Diamonds, Hearts, Octagons, and Stars. It, too, has indices by shape, thread count and name. Each diagram is on an individual page, clearly numbered and additional text where needed to clarify unique processes.

Apple App Series II is scheduled for release on October 1, 2011. Don’t miss the excitement. Follow along as we await that magic day!

Shapes of Needlepoint 2 Apple App


The Apple App is downloadable on the iPhone, iPod and the iPad (where I use mine) and the iPad2. The diagrams are large and clearly marked.

Be sure to download your copy of this wonderful app for only $10.99.  Also checkout Series I if you missed it.

To purchase Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 App, please click here!

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