Shapes of Needlepoint Series 1 is an Apple APP!

Apple App – Shapes of Needlepoint Series 2 Available October 1, 2011

Thank you so much for joining us as we share the happenings involving Duo Designs, Inc.

We will be discussing the availability of various publications of Duo Designs, Inc. as an Apple application for iPod, iPhone and iPad for now.

You can purchase the Shapes of Needlepoint Series 1 App here.

Shapes of Needlepoint – Series 2 will soon be joining its predecessor, Series 1, as an Apple App.

Apple App Series II, like the book, will follow Shapes of Needlepoint – Series II, Diamonds, Hearts, Octagons, and Stars.  It, too, will have indices by shape, thread count and name.  Each diagram will be on an individual page, clearly numbered and additional text where needed to clarify unique processes.

Apple App Series II is scheduled for release on October 1, 2011.  Don’t miss the excitement.  Follow along as we await that magic day!

Shapes of Needlepoint 2 Apple App


Apple App – Shapes of Needlepoint Series 1

Our first Apple App is for Shapes of Needlepoint Series I. This on-the-go application provides the busy stitcher the opportunity to carry a well-illustrated reference resource.

You can purchase the Shapes of Needlepoint Series 1 App here.

Numbered diagrams are large, clear, easy to read and make it easy to follow the stitching path. This new approach provides familiar and not-so-familiar stitches indexed by shapes – circles, squares, triangles and rectangles – as well as by thread count – 2×4, 8×8, 12×14, etc.

See example images below. Please note that these are NOT life size. They have been reduced for loading speed!

Sundry tips are also sprinkled throughout the app.

Stitches can be searched by name, shape or thread count. The search capability is helpful for comparing various stitches that are available for the area or shape desired.

If a space 6×8 threads is being considered, a search will reveal all the stitches diagrammed for that thread count.

This app provides ready reference for those creating stitch guides, working on a painted canvas, or doing counted canvas work.

We welcome your comments, questions and input. We look forward to chatting with you in the weeks to come.

Stitch with a Smile!

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