Sandy Arthur’s Newest Needlepoint Stitch Guide

We are venturing out on a different path with this stitch guide.

When playing with the idea of writing the stitch guide for Yolanda, a beautiful Tapestry Fair design, we decided to invite participants to come along and join us and treat it as a mystery.  After all, writing a stitch guide really is a mystery.

At least it is for me.


The Mystery of Yolanda

The Mystery of Yolanda

Join Us On This Stitching Adventure

Each new section is approached as a total unknown.  What in the world am I going to do here?  It is an exciting adventure!  I can’t wait to get started.  In fact, lots of times I must restrain myself and stay focused on the area in which I am working and stay away from a different area until I finish what I am doing.  For me, that is not an easy task!  My eyes tend to wander.

The Project Details

Yolanda is a 15” x 18” beautifully hand-painted, colorful canvas.  Look at her!  My photo does not do her justice I assure you.  We are going to jump in and break her down into 6 manageable months of stitching.

In February you will have the opportunity to order your canvas.  You must give your shop time to get these ordered as Tapestry Fair must have ample time to get them painted and delivered.
We will begin our first month’s lessons in March.  Check out our earlier posting showing the itinerary of how the classes will be distributed.

The class lessons will be $25 per month and will include a stitch guide, a listing of thread selections, embellishments (there will be no threads or embellishments included, just a listing of what is needed and resources for these supplies if needed), instructions of how to execute the stitches, and photographs of the various stitches or techniques.

This is a work-in-progress and is being tweaked as we progress along until the beginning of the first class in March, so stay tuned for updates as we post them.

What To Do

If you have interest in joining us, email me at duodesignsinc @ (remove the spaces) to be added to the list.  We will discuss individual details as they arise.  I have already been in contact with various international participants and we will be as flexible as we can.

I look forward to having you join in the fun!


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