Custom Stitch Guides by Sandy Arthur

Designers —  Have you had shop owners ask you if a stitch guide is available for that wonderful canvas design that you are marketing and have had to answer ‘no?’

Shop Owners — have you had customers come in and show interest in a purchase only to learn that they want a stitch guide to assist them in their journey of stitching the design and therefore they leave the shop without the purchase?

Stitchers — Ever have that canvas hanging on the shop wall speak to you and tell you that you just had to have it no matter what?  Ever get home with the canvas and then look at it and say ‘What in the world am I going to do with this?  Where do I begin?  What stitches am I to choose?  What threads will work best with the stitches I choose?’  Then, when faced with the reality of needing to do something to the beauty you purchased, do you want to cry:  ‘HELP!’

Custom Stitch Guides by Sandy — Well, just like that, help is on the way.  Let Sandy help you read you canvas and lead you to turning it into a piece of needlework that you will treasure.

She will prepare a stitch guide for you that contains clearly marked and diagrammed stitches.  There will even be occasional pictures of the actual stitch along the way.  There will also be a Materials list that provides the manufacturer, type of thread and color number for your ease in shopping.

So, pull out that beautiful canvas that once intimidated you and let Sandy help you get stitching and turn it into that masterpiece!

Contact:  duodesignsinc   @   (Remove spaces 😉 )


Meanwhile, here is a link to the current Stitch Guides for sale

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