NO LONGER AVAILABLE – Stirling Self Finishing Totes for Needlepoint

While these totes are no longer available, any of Sandy’s Tote Designs can be finished as PILLOWS.


One brand of leather tote used by Duo Designs for some of our tote inserts is the large, self-finishing, leather tote by Stirling Cases.

These soft leather totes have the Stirling logo beautifully embossed on the back of the bag. They are made of a durable, high-quality leather.

The colors are amazing. Duo Designs, Inc. currently carries 6 colors. These include periwinkle, turquoise, tomato red, lime, and rose. (NOTE – Black is shown on the swatch photo but is currently NOT available)

Stirling Needlework Totes - Leather Swatches

These wonderful totes are 14 inches high, 14 inches wide and 7 inches deep. Their size provides a very spacious area for all those stitching necessities. Stylishly carry your project, stitch guide, threads, tools, etc., with ease.

Stirling totes have double straps that are 28 inches in length. These straps are well stitched and sturdily attached to the tote, providing a secure method of carrying your precious cargo. The straps are long enough that they will fit over your shoulder, even when wearing a thick coat, etc.

There is an area on the inside back of the tote that has separated, clear, vinyl pockets to contain scissors, tissue, and other assorted accessories. These pockets are trimmed with a cloth binding to protect the edges. The open top compartments allow for storage of items that can be reached easily so no digging to the bottom of the roomy tote to find those smaller items.

Each tote is fully lined with its own colorful and fun unique lining fabric. The patterns and styles may vary but they are always tasteful and pleasing. Some are paisley, floral, geometric, etc. All are very colorful.

Finishing Needlework for a Stirling Leather Tote

The window opening for needlework is approximately 12.25 inches x 10.75 inches. It has a peel and stick board for mounting the finished needlework project. This allows the individual to be able to easily insert their needlework. It is a simple process involving measuring the canvas to fit inside the opening.

Once the canvas is cut to the right dimensions it is as simple as peeling back the protective cover of the sticky board and carefully inserting the needlework, pressing and smoothing as you go to insure a good attachment.

Pictures of Stirling Totes

Stirling Needlework Tote with Tassel

Stirling Leather Needlework Tote in Rose

Needlework Tote by Stirling in Tomato Red

Stirling Needlework Tote in Lime Green

Stirling Needlework Tote in Black