A Brief Review of the History of Buttons

BUTTONS: FUNCTIONAL OR FASHIONABLE is a brief review of the history of buttons and their evolution to present day.

Early history is sparse on buttons and the earliest indications of them appear to be through archaeological digs.

Buttons were not always used as “closures” for clothing. Their early beginnings indicate they were more of an accessory while prehistoric man primarily used cording, leather and grass to hold his garments together.

Some of buttons uses were as currency, government seals and containers. with functionality becoming more prominent after the invention of the buttonhole.

This e-booklet is a result of research conducted during the process of obtaining my Master Teacher certification through the American Needlepoint Guild.

It covers the importance of the button throughout its existence as a fashionable accessory as well as its use as a functional implement for closure.

This e-booklet has 18 pages of content on how buttons were made, their part in some historical events, how they were holders of secrets, how used by the military, their role as status identity, and some history of the artistic needlework theme.

An extensive bibliography is included for those who wish to investigate the topics more thoroughly.

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Buttons:Functional or Fashionable
Buttons:Functional or Fashionable
This 18 page report on the history of buttons is available for immediate download.

It is in PDF format and has been zipped as a security precaution.

You will need to unzip it and then use Adobe Reader to read it.

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