Needles and their Safekeeping

NEEDLES AND THEIR SAFEKEEPING is a brief review of the history of needles and their evolution to present day.

Emphasis is on the hand-sewing needles and how they were cared for.

Needles are ancient tools that have been in existence long before the recordings of their presence were really documented.  Very sparse historical documentation is available.

Bone needles were discovered approximately 35,000 years ago.  The oldest known needle with an eye is dated at approximately 25,000 years ago.

This e-book covers the importance of the needle throughout its existence.

The booklet came about as a result of research studies required for my Senior Master Teacher certification level of the American Needlepoint Guild.

The e-book has 25 pages of content on the early findings of the needle, how needles were made, the various types of needles available, the value of needles and how they were cared for and stored.

Additionally, an extensive bibliography is provided for those who wish to search deeper.

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Purchase this digital ebook and download yours immediately to read about how lucky we are for our abundance of this once treasured possession.

Needles and their Safekeeping
Needles and their Safekeeping
This 25 page report covering the history of history of needles is available for immediate download.

It is in PDF format and has been zipped as a security precaution.

You will need to unzip it and then use Adobe Reader to read it.

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